Gocta Waterfall: Peru’s Tallest Free-falling Cascade

Visit one of the world’s tallest waterfalls on your trip to Peru! Learn all about the Gocta Waterfall, a breathtaking place where the Amazon Rainforest meets the Andes Mountains in Northern Peru.

The Gocta Waterfall in Peru, commonly known as Gocta Falls, is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world. This 2,530-foot (771 m) waterfall has just two drops, and the powerful free-fall from the second drop is among the tallest in the world.

Named after the closest settlement, the local communities have appreciated the Gocta Waterfall for centuries. “Discovered” by an outsider in 2002, this impressive waterfall has only been on the world’s radar for a short time. With improved infrastructure in the area, the Gocta Waterfall is garnering more popularity than ever before. 

Itinerary to visit Gocta Falls:

Drive to Cocachimba, located on the other side of the Cocahuayco River valley, and home to the lovely

From here, you need to hike about three hours through cloud forest, full of orchids and bromeliads – where and yellow-tailed woolly monkeys are sometimes seen – to the base of the lower falls.

For those who prefer, horses can be rented to make the journey. 


  • Wear light clothing and comfortable shoes.
  • Bring water, sunglasses, camera, sunscreen.
  • In rainy season bring a poncho or waterproof jacket.
  • Transportation, English tour guide, Lunch and Entrances Fees are included..


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