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Northen peru trips and tours packages

Norte Expediton Peru offers small groups or luxury private tours and travel packages in north Peru with a unique travel experiences ,cities and  itineraries for your northern Peru trip.

Travel to northern peru with Specialists Tours Operator Agency from Trujillo and come to explore to Peru’s undiscovered north.

8 Tops full days tours in north peru

Everybody knows about the famous tours in the southern part of Peru but what about northern peru sites? heading from the Trujillo coast towards chachapoyas in highland is completly full ancient sites before incas came and they are not travelled places .

Visit northern Peru from 1 full day or over 11 days tours with Norte Expedition

tours to kuelap

5 top travel packages in northen peru

Plan your visit to North Peru: find out where to go and what to do in  North Peru with Norte Expedition.Check about our best itineraries, activities, to travel to North of peru …

safaris in north of peru

3 top safaris and Nature in northern peru

Explore with us all highlights of North of Peru and Book the best Nature and Safaris adventure trip with Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tops suggestions to travel to North Peru

what is the time to travel to north of peru?

Visiting northern  Peru in december — November . June to September can be the best time of year to visit north of Peru if you are travelling to the coastal regions, especially in Trujillo,chiclayo,piura ,But if you travel to chachacpoyas can be from May to Agoust..

what can i see in northern peru?

The Top 12 archeologycal sites of the Must-See-Places in Northern Peru give you an idea of what to do and to have the best experiences trip in less travel cities in the North of Peru.

  1. Caral oldest city in America..
  2. Chavin de huantar. …
  3. Huascarán National Park. …
  4. Cañon del Pato
  5. Lagoon 69
  6. huacas sol and luna
  7. El brujo and lady of cao
  8. Huanchaco and ancient boats made in totora reed.
  9. The lord of sipan. ...
  10. Chan Chan.
  11. kuelap …
  12. Gocta.

what i need for a safari trip in north peru?

Come to North of peru is just best thing you will do in your travel life. Explore and descover a new unknow cultures before incas , as well to book and safari adventure in national reserves with wild life.

Bring just love and open mind for a new experineces in local comunities.

what are best hotels in trujillo, peru?

We have a varity hotel from 1 to 5 stars in northern peru.

  1. Casa andina hotel
  2. Costa del sol
  3. Victoria suit hotel
  4. Paraiso hotel
  5. El sombrero
  6. El recreo hotel
  7. Gran bolivar hotel

why take a tour travel agency in nort of peru?

Beacuse we offer a safe travel tours with best archeologycal sites and profesional tours guides from northern peru cities. And book a tours with low prices and high quality