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We tranfer driving up north from salaverry to explore this temple located in center urban area. This the Dragon Temple (Huaca el Dragon) is a very well preserved Chimú huaca just closer from Trujillo city in northern peru . The pyramid-shaped adobe brick structure shows frieze murals depicting rainbows, dragons, and figures that have valiantly stood the test of time. Less known than other Chimú sites as the largest chan chan city closer from there, In this tours we are going to learn about its history and various theories surrounding the mysterious meaning, also known as Huaca Arco Iris (Rainbow Temple), built by the Chimú people, who lived in northern Peru from about AD 900 to the 1400s.

After this tours chan chan is waiting for us

The ancient city of Chan Chan, in Peru’s Moche Valley, was once the largest city in the Americas. We have time to explore 1 of 10 palaces in chan chan. This is NIKAN PALACE ,a large adobe structure over 1km with a complex arquitecture and decorate high relieves with sea designs.

we get tired A hour walking arorund the chan chan city and we drive west north to the most spectular ancient village of fishermen called HUANCHACO for photos and lunch Time.

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