Live the experience of your life visiting the most interesting and popular places in Trujillo, where you will learn about the City of Chan Chan and the Huacas Sol y Luna.
Walk and visit the most recognized attractions worldwide and enjoy quality tourism with the best qualified personnel in Tours in Trujillo
From very early we left the south of Trujillo towards the Huacas Sol y Luna, main temples of the Moche in the North of Peru and who ruled this area of ​​Trujillo and its valleys for around 800 years.
We enter the Huaca de la Luna to enjoy the best in reliefs and original friezes made of clay that keep their colors intact.
Get to know the Huaca del Sol, which astonishes for its size and construction based on millions of mud bricks.
And discover each treasure from the excavations in the Huacas Sol y Luna Archaeological Complex exhibited in the Site Museum.
Heading north of Trujillo, now is the time to learn about the evolution of the Moche culture that gave way to the Chimu Culture with its great city of chan chan and its surrounding Huacas.
We will walk with an interpreter Tourism Guide in the City of Chan Chan, who will show us all its 1,200-year-old architecture and we will explore its streets, corridors, and squares
We will enjoy 1 hour of walking and photos throughout our tour.
And to finish we will have lunch in Huanchaco, a fishing village where reed horses are still used to this day.
* Private Transportation
* Official Tourism Guide
* Personalized Attention
* Entrance Tickets
* Water bottle x passenger
* Pick up from hotel or airport
* Security protocols


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* Food
* Tips

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