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Beginning of the excursion to the Huaca Rajada Archaeological Complex, where the tomb of the Lord of Sipán was found and the our adventure is coming next .

Day 1 |Huaca Rajada + Chaparri Logde Reserve |

Depature : 08:00 am/4: 00 pm

Huaca Rajada complex

When we talk about the Lord of Sipán, we’re talking about one of the most emblematic figures of the Mochica culture. The Lord of Sipán was an ancient Mochica ruler from the 3rd century, whose discovery proved far-reaching for world archeology as his tomb was the first royal burial site found intact in South America, and belonging to a Peruvian civilization prior to the Inca Empire.

The royal tomb of the Lord of Sipán was discovered by Dr. Walter Alva and his team of researchers in 1987, in Huaca Rajada, an archeological complex southeast of the city of Chiclayo. According to studies, the Mochica ruler was 1.65 meters tall, approximately 30 years old and probably died between 240 and 310 AD. He was found in a wooden coffin, the first of its kind found in America. Next to his head and feet were two skeletons of young women and the skeletons of a dog and two llamas on either side. Covered from head to toe in gold, silver, copper and precious stones, his skull was on a gold plate, showing how important this ancient leader was to the Mochica culture.

Lunch in Huaca Rajada Town

After this Nice experience we drive  into to the dry Forest  of Chaparri.( 1 1/2 Hours )

At 4 :00 pm  you are in Chaparri Logde, free Hours to explore around.


Day 2 |Chaparri Ecologycal Reserve |

Outdoors Activities and Lunch in chaparri

In the dry forests of northern Peru, the Chaparri Private Conservation Area is renowned throughout the country as an example of the sustainable use of natural resources by local inhabitants.

This is a paradise for conservationists and nature lovers. It is home to a diversity of flora and fauna, including endangered species such as the spectacled bear, the guanaco, the rare white-winged guan and Andean condor.

Return Back Depature : 14:00 pm

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