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Located 30 minutes from the city of Cajamarca, this stone forest belongs to the Cumbemayo Archaeological Complex. It is a vast area where multiple and varied stone figures lie known as ‘frailones’, because of their similarity to a procession of friars.


According to research, this place served to worship water, due to the discovery of pre-Inca aqueducts dating from 1000 years B. C. Some of them remain intact to this day. The most important one reaches about one kilometer of length and is carved out of rock. According to legends, this canal transported water from the Pacific Ocean, and had an important spiritual value in relation to this natural resource.

Cumbemayo|Rocky Forest & Water Aqueducts|

Depature : 09:30 am/1: 30 pm

On this tour you will visit the ancient aqueducts and archaeological wonders of Cumbemayo. This excursion gives travelers a good glimpse into the Peruvian past.

The water channels carved at Cumbemayo are incredible and continue to baffle archaeologists, one look at these smooth and straight structures will surprise you too.

The channels are believed to have been carved with obsidian hammers. They are approximately 3,000 years old and provide evidence of the hydraulic engineering works that the inhabitants of this region were capable of doing. The canals divert water from the Pacific side of Peru to the Atlantic side. There are several enigmatic petroglyphs here as well.

Some archaeologists believe that Cumbemayo was once used for religious purposes. Without a doubt, this is a place of spectacular beauty, especially with its ichú grass and strange volcanic formations. Make sure you have your camera handy when you visit.

The ancient aqueducts of Cumbe Mayo continue to baffle archaeologists. Located on the outskirts of the town of Cajamarca in the Highlands of northern Peru, Cumbe Mayo is an absolutely fascinating place to visit.

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