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travel through time to the north of peru and discover the great city of chan chan and walk through its streets and palaces

Travel through time to the north of peru and discover the great city of chan chan and walk through its streets and palaces

chan chan was mainly capital of chimu society  which was very well organize with streets, avenues, corridors, patios, and plazas.



Chan chan

Site Museum

The Chan Chan Site Museum shows a general idea of ​​the greatness of the city of Chan Chan with its 9 palaces, as well as showing all life and Chimus art in northern Peru.

Chan chan Complex

Wlaking by Palaces

The city of Chan Chan spanned 20 km² and had a dense urban center of 6 km² which contained extravagant ciudadelas.
Ciudadelasor palaces were large architectural masterpieces which plazas, storerooms, and burial platforms for the royal chimu kings.[8 The splendor of these ciudadelas suggests their association with the royal class mostly build for death.
Also Houses for the midle classes of artisans whose role in the empire was to produce crafts, textiles, gold and silver pieces .


Lunch or free Time on the beach

Huanchaco local fishing village
According to Andrés Tinoco Rondan, an academic researcher at Ricardo Palma University, Huanchaco is the birthplace of the seafood dish ceviche.
In Huanchaco the ceviche is often served with the seaweed called mococho which is taken from the shores of Huanchaco.
Also Huanchaco is wellkown for its famous caballitos de totora means : ancient reed boats still used and preseved for daily fishing activities nowdays.

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