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Exploring North of Peru in great 7 days...

NORTE EXPEDITION create a new style of travel , driving on peruvians roads by a profesional private drivers and tour guides who will share you the best local experiences in town , eating, tasting and talking with native locals..

Exploring North of Peru in great 7 days...

NORTE EXPEDITION create a new style of travel , driving on peruvians roads by a profesional private drivers and tour guides who will share you the best locla experiences in town , eating, tasting and talking with native local..


Day 1

Hora : 8:40 am

Explore Trujillo

Today we drive south of Trujillo to visit:
 The temples of the Sun and the Moon, a religious center for the Moche culture, which developed between 100 and 900 AD. The archaeological complex shows the two large pyramids with flat tops, known as huacas.
 Then we drive north of Trujillo to visit the Huaca Dragon, also known as Huaca Arco Iris (Rainbow Pyramid), which belonged to the Chimu culture.

 We continue up, to the ancient fishing village of Huanchaco for a good lunch based in see food. Huanchaco is of the most famous beaches of Peru, where you can see the traditional fishing boats (caballitos de totora) which are still in use Today.

 After lunch we continue to Chan Chan, the largest adobe city in America, built by the Chimu and covering an area of about 20 square kilometres.

Day 2

Hora : 8:00 am

Driving to el Brujo comple on the way to Chiclayo

We drive to Chicama Valley, about 60 km north of Trujillo, to visit El Brujo, another complex of the Moche civilization. Archaeological excavations started here in 1990, where they found the Woman of Cao, a 1,500 year old, tattooed female mummy.
 Village of Magdalena de Cao (to taste a traditional drink fermented underground for 1 to 2 years called "Añejo de Cao.")
 Huaca cao viejo
 Cao Museum
After the tour, we drive through up north to the comercial Chiclayo city. On way we pass around the sugar and rice fields and we stop for lunch in countryside.

Day 3

Hora : 8:15 am

Chiclayo and Golden Treasures

We go to Sipan or Huaca Rajada, place where was made the most important archaeological discovery of Peru. In the place there is a Site Museum where you can find the ornaments of the other tombs discovered in the site. You will see the ornaments of the tombs of Priest Warrior, the Noble Warrior and the Warrior Lord.

• We go to Lambayeque city to take the route to Tucume town where we will visit the Ceremonial Center of Tucume, archaeological complex composed by 26 pyramids. This site was the second Capital of the Lambayeque or Sican culture. We will visit as well the Site Museum.

• We finish our excursion in the Royal Tombs Museum of Sipan, the most modern in Peru. The journey allows to know all the objects found in 1987 in the place of Huaca Rajada, well-known as Sipan. Here we will find the ornaments of the Lord of Sipan, the Priest and the Old Lord of Sipan.

Day 4

Private transfer to chachapoyas city ,DAY 5: KUELAP + CABLE CAR

After a short time driving about 45”we arrive at the archaeological Macro zone to see a short remains about a traditional domestic architecture and take a quickly explanation about this complex built on the slope of a hill, so then we drive to Nuevo Tingo town, and then it’s ready to board the first electromechanical system of cable car build in Peru (cable car) this will take us on a 20-minute trip over 4 kilometers.
Kuelap is a magical place where we visit different sectors such as ceremonial enclosures, the main temple, circular rooms, etc. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours.

Day 6

Hora : 8:15 am

Gocta Wterfall Cascade

We drive to Cocachimba town about 1 hour away, from there we start walking for two hours to Gocta Waterfall (771 meters high considered the third highest in the world) On the way, you will see sugar cane fields with a typical trapiche, and as well as variety the flora and fauna on the trail, so after you got tired a view of the Gocta Water fall is seen.

Day 7

Transfer from Chachapoyas to Jaen Apt

End of our services , However Norte expedition Team suggested to take a extension tour around south of Peru.

  • A nice speaking inglish Tour guide
  • Private vehicle for all tours in each city.
  • Transfers from Chachapoyas to jaen apt in private vehicle
  • Entrances fees
  • Cable car to Kuelap cabin tickets
  • Food,snacks( just in chachapoyas city) 
  • Hotel
  • Food,snacks
  • Tips around your journey
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